It's incredible to me that the American taxpayer allows (enables) the fat cats in Washington to get away with this! Maybe not - who has the time if you have a job and a family, etc. to even try and understand this stuff. We need more Bernies and Elizabeths in Congress to hold the flame of truth to the feet of these greedy selfish bastards!

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Thank you for your work.

The silence from the progressives, and zero response from anyone in Government are more aggravating, and even frightening, from my point of view.

Only one side is making their case, unopposed by the politicians we worked so hard to elect. Ralph Nader (who I love and admire by the way) is always trying to encourage everyone to write or call Congress. When I do; they never answer or acknowledge, receiving a letter or call.

They don’t even respond on Twitter. If you say something or challenge the statements they make.all they’re doing is commenting, as though they are not in a position to do something.

It’s ridiculous and frustrating!? “makes me so angry”

Of course the GOP can damage or even gut Social Security! look at all the insane laws and ridiculous legal judgments in this country. We are in dire straits.


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What do the charts look like if you count all those expensive tax cuts as stimulus spending? Tax cuts have been a long term ongoing expense since the 1980s. At least the military puts on a good show, lets us meddle in matters around the world, funds technological development, provides lots of private sector jobs and offers structured career options for many. It's hard to say what all those tax cuts have bought us.

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Great writing. I like your work with the charts. It would be nice to also see complete alternative charts (the whole pie).

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